October 15, 2018

New Global Facilitator

My name is Al Bridges, I am the new Global Facilitator for TOPIC. For the last 40 years, I have served pastors in about 50 countries where training is restricted or where access to training is limited. I am excited about my new role in TOPIC. It is my hope, that the vis

ion of TOPIC will become a reality in every country where pastoral training is needed.  I consider it a great privilege to serve pastor trainers and pastor training organizations.

The Present Need and Opportunity 

As you know, the Church continues to explode around the world. Some estimate there are 178,000 trusting Christ as Savior every single day. This is a remarkable display of the power of the Gospel. There is great shouting in heaven! This “Good News” leads us to make a second declaration, the need for essential pastoral training is growing every single day. A minimum of 17,800 need to begin to be prepared for shepherding God’s flock every single day. This too can be an opportunity for shouting or for alarm. Alarming, because the same intensity for training pastors is not as evident as for sharing the Gospel. An opportunity for shouting, because at this time in history we have unprecedented resources that can make it possible for us to provide training for every new pastor. Yet, it will not happen unless there is a new movement to work together with all of our resources. There needs to be a Church Health Movement (CHM), to provide the necessary essential training for every pastor, everywhere that training is needed.

Our Possible Participation

I trust you are reading this because you are men and women who have the same heart. A heart to work together with others to provide the essential training that every pastor deserves. This will not happen unless there is a growing motivation and commitment to put the training of untrained pastors above some of our own personal and organization goals. May God work in us and in our organizations to produce a Church Health Movement (CHM) that will not be satisfied until every pastor has the opportunity to be trained.

An Unprecedented Summit

Let me tell you about an upcoming event that is to focus on training pastors in every area of the Philippines. On October 22-24, the GPro Pastor’s Training Summit is being hosted by the TOPIC Commission of the Philippines’ Evangelical Council of Churches. Different denominations, churches, training organizations and trainers will come together to address the problem of the training needed for pastors in this country where the church is growing and multiplying.  The goal of the summit is to develop a strategy and a plan to provide training for the untrained pastors throughout the Philippines. Pray for this historical conference. Pray that the Spirit of God will provide encouragement, vision, wisdom and an unreserved commitment for providing training to every untrained pastor in the Philippines.

A New Movement

Could this summit in the Philippines be a catalyst and model for what can be done for pastoral training around the world? Could this summit be the impetus for a growing and expanding Church Health Movement (CHM)? Will you pray for those who are leading and attending the summit, that this summit will lead the way to a new Church Health Movement in the Philippines and throughout the world?

An Updated Website 

TOPIC is in the process of updating its website. It has a new address: www.TopicGlobal.org. This fall there will be a new blog highlighting training issues and TOPIC events. Take a moment and visit the website.

I am looking forward to serving you and all who serve His shepherds.

Grace & Peace,
Al Bridges
Topic Global Facilitator